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The posterior extremity has a single concave articular surface, for the head of the metatarsal bone ; and the anterior extremity, a pulley-like surfiuse, for the second phalanx. The phalanges of the first row are convex above, concave upon the under surface, and compressed from side to side.Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Synarthrosis — Amphi-arthrosis Diarthrosis Movements of joints . The instances of yellow fibrous tissue are ; the ligamenta subflava of the arches of the vertebrae, chordae vocales, thyro-epiglottic liga- ment, crico-thyroidean membrane, the iftembranous layers connecting the cartilaginous rings of the trachea and bronchial tubes, the capsula propria of the spleen and the middle coat of arteries. Thus the ligamenta Of the bodies aie the— Anlerior comman ligament, lalerrertebntl Eu Utance. Of the ariicular proresies, — Capaokr Ugament K, Synovial memhranes.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. SXSJEAlf T-BUSGEON TO THX QUEEN, MEMBER OF THX INSTITUTE OF FKANCE, IN ADMIRATION OP THE HIGH ATTAINMENTS WHICH HAVE JUSTLY PLACED HIM IN THE PIR8T RANK OP HIS PROPE88ION, THIS WORK IN RE8PECTPULLY INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR. The Preface to this little volume may be written in a few words. Gtiding — ^Angular movement Circumduction— Rotation . 118 Of the atlas with the occipital bone 121 Of the axis with the occipital bone 123 Of the atlas with the axis . It is also met with around some parts of the alimentary canal, as the oesophagus, cardia, and anus, around the male and female urethra, in the fietsda lata, and in the corium of the skin. Ofthi Bodies — The Anlerior oommon lyameni i to ^e •acmm.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. The study of the ligaments is named syndesmology m together, it^/Mf bond), which, with the anatomy of the articuk- tions, forms the subject of the present chapter. Amphi-arthrosis («/(«^« both, &^4^m^it) is a joint intermediate in aptitude for motion between the immovable synarthrosis and the movable diarthrosis^ It is constituted by the approximation of sur- &oe8 partly coated with cartilage lined by synovial membrane, and 110 ARTICULATIONS.

143 Carpo- metacarpal articulation 143 Metacarpo-phjuangeal articulation 145 Articulation of the phalanges 145 Ligaments of the loweb bx- TBEMITY .... Muscles of the pharynx Muscles of the soft palate Preevertebal muscles Muscles of the tbunk Muscles of the back First layer Second layer Third layer Fourth layer Fifth layer Sixth layer Page 159 160 165 166 167 169 172 173 175 176 178 179 180 182 184 186 188 191 193 195 196 196 199 200 201 204 205 Table of origins and insertions of the muscles of the back Muscles of the thorax . Second phalanges ; great toe, extensor longus pollicis, and flexor longus pollicis ; other toes, one slip of the common tendon of the extensor longus and extensor brevis digitorum, and flexor brevis digitorum. 140 Wrist-joint 141 Articulations of the carpal bones . Depressors of the os hyoides and larynx Elevators of the os hyoides Muscles of the tongue . Attachment of Muscles, — ^To twenty-three; to the first phalanges; great toe, the innermost tendon of the extensor brevis digitorum, ab- ductor pollicis, adductor pollicis, flexor brevis po Uicis, and transversus pedis ; second toe, first dorsal and first palmar interosseous and lum- bricalis ; third toe, second dorsal and second palmar interrosseous and Inmbricalis ; fourth toe, third dorsal and third palmar interrosseous and lumbricalis ; fifih toe, fourth dorsal interosseous, abductor minimi digiti, flexor brevis minimi digiti and lumbricalis. Ossification commences in these bones after that in the metatarsus, appearing first in the last phalanges, then in the first, and last of all in the middle row. Articulations, — The first row with the metatarsal bones and second phalanges ; the second, of the great toe with the first phalanx, and of the other toes with the first and third phalanges ; and the third, with the second row.The number which appeared with the first was one hundred and fifty ; with the second^ one hundred and sixty-seven ; and in the present they fall little short of two hundred. Lnmbar vertebrae General considerations Development Attachment of muscles Sacrum Coccyx Bones of the cranium Occipital bone Parietal bone Frontal bone Temporal bone . Synovia is an alkaline secretion, containing albumen, which is coagulable at a boiling temperature. Thej cauit- teract, by their elasticity, the e Sbrti of the fleior muscles of the tmnk ; and by presemog the upnght poeition of the spine, limi C the eipenditare of muscular force- They are longer in the cervical than in the other regions of the spine, and are thickest in the lumbar The ligamenta subflava are in relation by both snr&cee with the meningo-iachidian veins, and intemally they are separated from tbe dura maler of the spinal cord by those veins and some loose areolar and adipose tissue. — The ligaments of the articular processes of the Tertebi K are loose synovial captutet which surround the articu- lating snr&ces.Several of the new figures are illustrative of General Anatomy, and, to insure their absolute correctness, have been drawn from the microscope by the Author himself, with the aid of the camera lucida. The continuation of this mem- brane over the surfi Eu» of the articular cartilage, a much agitated question, has been decided by the interesting discoveries of Henle, who has ascertained the existence of an epithelium upon cartilage identical with that produced by the reflected portion of the membrane. They are protected on their eitemal side by a thin layer of ligamentous fibres. — The inler-ipmoai ligaments are thin and membianous, and are extended between the spinous processes in the dorsal and Imnhar regions.

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