Intimidating looking actors

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I use the term "largely uncredited" because, although you could see their names in the credits rolling at the end of the television show or movie, their names were usually up there on the screen for such a short period of time, that you never really got the chance to associate the role with that individual.

I wanted to pay tribute to these individuals I grew up watching.

I always enjoyed the film and television appearances of these fine performers.

In many cases, their theatrical talents were equal to, if not better than, the main headliners [many of whom were hired for "star power" and not for their acting abilities to begin with].

This blog post honors people who began acting 1980's and prior.

They do deserve much credit for their work, and perhaps in another ten years or so, they may receive that kind of credit on another blog post.

A fine car chase ensues in the laugh-a-minute motion picture.

A few days later, I was on the telephone, discussing Charles Napier with a friend of mine; I said, "Hey, do you remember that guy...", so on and so forth, and he began remembering Mr. Suddenly, my friend had a flash of inspiration, and he brought back to my remembrance another actor who appeared in 21 episodes of Mork and Mindy as Exidor.

Walker has 159 entries on his IMDB page for 41 years of acting: IMDBWiki Known the world over as the little nerdy guy with the square-ish glasses in "American Graffiti", Charles Martin Smith has come a very long way since the big-screen debut of himself, Ron Howard, and George Lucas.

Acting 1971-present, directing 1986-present, writing 1983-present, and producing 2000-present, Mr. With 82 entries in just the ACTING section of his IMDB page, with 38 years under his belt, and with a career still going strong, Charles is anything but a "one-hit wonder".

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