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Ray Burke had limited the advertising minutes on RTÉ a few years previously.Hence, there would be no cost to the Exchequer, and funding would also come from the National Lottery and the television Licence.TG4 was formerly known as ) and RTÉ Two in 1978; and was followed by TV3 in 1998.The channel has 650,000 viewers who tune into the channel each day to view a broad programming policy.TG4 launched its high-definition channel (TG4 HD) in 2012 on Virgin Media Ireland.The first HD broadcast featured the 2012 TG4 Ladies Gaelic Football Championship final.In 1980, a new group called Coiste ar son Teilifís Gaeltachta (The Committee for Irish-Language Television) was set up.In 1987 they set up the pirate television station Telefís na Gaeltachta, after years of delays, including the sudden death of their technician who was to build the transmitter.

This government left office in 1994 and was replaced by the Rainbow Coalition.In December 1988, further broadcasts were transmitted from three different sites, broadcasting pre-recorded programming.The movement for a national Irish-language television service continued to gain momentum afterwards.Very significant assistance in non-monetary terms comes from RTÉ which is required to provide over 360 hours of programming annually at no cost to TG4. Their aim, initially, was to show one hour of Irish-language programming each night, increasing to two hours by 1999.Initial criticisms of the planned station came from journalist Kevin Myers who derided Tna G as a white elephant, calling it 'Telefís De Lorean', in a reference to the ill-fated De Lorean Motor Company.

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