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I told him my secrets, my worries, the mean things people said to me at work (“There’s a supermodel buried in there somewhere!

”) and the kind words of encouragement from others that I refused to let sink into my damaged psyche.

The ride back to his one-bedroom apartment didn’t prepare me for what I found inside.

In some respects, the week contained everything I imagined the relationship would be… After about twenty minutes, he excused himself for dinner plans. But he surprised us both by calling me back later that night at two a.m.

but there’s also the reality of how meeting him actually turned out. my time, initiating a pleasantly amiable conversation that morphed into phone sex which lasted until nearly five in the morning.

I couldn’t even think about saying “I love you” if I wasn’t right next to him.

We picked a week that I would fly out to visit him in his city, but I waited until the end of one month of talking to him so that I could be “sure” we weren’t sick of each other already.

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