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Sometimes scammers might pay some local girl a minimal fee to sit and pose for pictures and to pick up money at the Western Union. The gang may also have accomplices in certain Western Union locations.Their profiles may say whatever: that they are from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Kiev, Odessa, sometimes even USA.Look at e-mail headers and you will see Lugansk there.They have their own "specialization" though: translations scams.Most likely, they work on commissions, like telemarketers.The activity of this criminal organization is enormous, they place hundreds of profiles out there every day.

What we don't like about the existing Russian scam lists is that they provide the impression that there are thousands of Russian scammers out there, and behind each scam profile stays different girl (or guy, whatever). We are absolutely convinced: Russian girls are NOT scammers!Sometimes the scammers change ISP (or simply hire new folks to do the job).Then all scam, like with a magic wand, starts originating from that new ISP.Those are real girls, who invite you to visit them and start "milking": shopping, restaurants, gifts, etc... But this is happening in any country and in any culture, Philippines for example.We don't believe pro-dating is only Russia-related.

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