Speed dating cell phone commercial

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The Comcast phones will automatically find a Comcast Wi Fi hot spot, authenticate the phone as eligible, and connect to it.Outside the hot spot's range, the Xfinity Mobile phone will find another hot spot or revert to the Verizon network.

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But the venture also has the potential to reach millions of consumers who have become attached to their smart phones to watch streamed TV and entertainment.

The wireless product, Xfinity Mobile, also will offer Comcast customers a so-called quad play, or four-service bundle of TV, phone, higher-speed internet, and wireless.

Consumers can buy unlimited data plans for or a month, or 1 gigabyte of data for a month, and continue adding gigabytes, at a pop, as needed during the month.

Comcast estimates that Xfinity Mobile could save consumers 10 percent to 40 percent a month on wireless bills, depending on usage and package. I would describe [the prices] as low but reasonable," said Craig Moffett, a telecom analyst with the research firm Moffett Nathanson.

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